The Zohf Design ‘Golden Ticket Scavanger Hunt’ for a Dribbble Invite :)

Long name, sweet results. Interested in a Dribbble invite? Well, I have one. And I’ve set up a pretty fun (I hope) scavenger hunt that bounces you around from one end of the interwebs to the other. Not really. If you’d like to play along, start below.

Dribbble Invite Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Steps:

  1. Follow @zohf on Twitter
  2. Follow zohf at Dribbble
  3. ‘Like’ Zohf Design on Facebook
  4. Comment on this post with a link to your portfolio. If you are a designer, and want to be on Dribbble, you should have a portfolio
  5. Tweet this page, like this page, and +1 this post (at the top)
  6. Now for the fun part. The hunt. Follow carefully.

  7. Find my Two-Wheeled Dribbble post
  8. Place the date of that post in this format: Month/Day/Year or 01/01/11
  9. Remove the slashes, so you end up with just a string of 6 numbers. Example: 010111
  10. I post site prototypes for clients, images, and screenshots often on a domain other than my main domain. If you dig into my tweets, you’ll find it. Hint: it ends with .me 🙂 Find that domain, and place the aforementioned 6 digit number on its end. Thats the name of a directory. Example: http://www.domain.ME/010111. Hint: You will probably find this domain on our facebook page 😉
  11. Follow directions from there 🙂

If you are really having trouble, try bugging me on twitter, I may be of help 😉

Other details

We will run the scavenger hunt for 15 days, to let the word spread. All ‘entries’ must be received by July 22nd, at Midnight EST. We will announce the winner on Saturday, July 23rd here on this blog post. Thanks for playing along!


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